Singapore National Day Parade

The National Day Parade, 2005 (NDP), was a national ceremony in Singapore on August 9, 2005 to commemorate Singapore's 40 years of independence.

Astic is proud to contribute to this significant event by producing a 1 min multimedia display on Singapore Legend. This clip was telecast on Mediacorp TV Singapore as an introduction to the Show segment (Act 1 - The Beginning).

Sang Nila Utama, also known as Sri Tri Buana, is a legendary prince who founded Singapore in ancient history.

Singapore legend Singapore legend

Singapore legend

Ages ago, Singapore was called Temasek, meaning 'sea-town'.

One day, Prince Sang Nila Utama set sail to the sea to some island.

While hunting for a deer, he spotted an island across the sea. His advisor told him that was the island of Temasek and they then sailed towards it.

Suddenly a storm broke out, they decided to throw their items to the sea. Sang Nila Utama throw his crown to the sea and the storm immediately died down.

Sang Nila Utama landed on the island and saw a beast with a black head and red tawny body. When asked what it was, his advisor told that it was a Singa (Lion).

Sang Nila Utama renamed the island as "Singapura" or Lion-City". This is how Singapore got her name. Sang Nila Utama was the first king of Singapore and he ruled wisely for 48 years.