Advanced science & technology in cleanroom

Astic, established in 2003, provides quality Cleanroom products and services to the Semiconductor, Hard disk and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

The team at Astic assists companies by helping them better understand contamination issues in the cleanroom.

In 2005, Astic developed a new software, based on helping clients monitor the contaminants within the cleanroom.

Astic Monitoring System Software, developed specifically to address the challenges to improve yield of the production process. It monitors parameters such as particle count, temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure in the facility.


Cleanroom Equipment and Supplies
Air Shower, Biological safety cabinet, Clean Booth, Pass box, Laminar Flow Bench, Air Velocity Meter, Particle Counter, DI Fogger, Mask, Hairnet, Jumpsuit, Smock, Nitrile Gloves, Finger Cots, Sticky Mats, Moisture Barrier Bag, Static Shielding Bag.    


Cleanroom Design and Construction
With years of experience from minor alterations and problem solving to large, complex projects Astic provides the full turnkey solutions.    


Cleanroom Monitoring System
21 CFR Part 11 compliant with simple control, simultaneous monitoring, automated alarm, data logging, RS485/Modbus/4-20mA Scada System.    

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